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SearchCol, short for "Metaheuristic search by column generation", is an approach for decomposable optimization problems.
SearchCol algorithms combine column generation, problem specific algorihtms and metaheuristics. They can be hybridized with branch-and-price and/or general purpose mixed integer programming solvers.
A detailed description of SearchCol can be found in
F. Alvelos, A. Sousa, D. Santos, Combining column generation and metaheuristics, in ``Hybrid Metaheuristics", E.-G. Talbi (Ed.), Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Volume 434, Pages 285-334, 2013.

SearchCol++ is a computational framework developped in C++ for the easy quick implementation of SearchCol algorithms.
SearchCol++ was used to implement SearchCol algorithms to the following problems:
Unrelated parallel machine scheduling with job splitting

Parallel machine scheduling with sequence dependent setup times

Flexible job shop

Minimum cost multicommodity flows

Minimum maximum multicommodity flows

Harverst scheduling

Biomass supply chain

Two dimensional bin packing problem

Bus Driver Rostering

Kidney exchange

Generalized assignment

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SearchCol was financed by FCT from April 2010 until September 2013.

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